Set up by Emily Hudd and Iain Wimbush in 2013, at Rumpus Media we make content that we are absolutely passionate about across a broad range of genres and broadcasters.

Our favourite things are:

  • Creating properly original content
  • Discovering and nurturing new talent
  • Producing programmes that the channels and their viewers love
  • Being proud of our programmes
  • Working with brilliant people we love


Email: info@rumpusmedia.co.uk

Phone: 020 3761 4723

Rumpus Media,
Lincoln House,
Lincoln House Studios,
296-302 High Holborn,

Pulp Fiction in Romford

Total Recast


Filmmaker Simon Balch travels the UK re-making Hollywood movies starring people he finds on the street. In one day. With no money.

The Matrix in Gravesend
The 90’s Keanu Reeves sci-fi classic gets the Gravesend treatment.

Terminator 2 in Basingstoke
Terminator 2 goes on the ultimate high stakes adventure: to Basingstoke.

Hunger Games in Northampton
The Hunger Games gets a Midlands make over in Northampton.

Pulp Fiction in Romford
Tarantino’s cult classic gets a Romford rebirth.

The Dark Knight in Watford
The brooding Batman growl-a-thon re-imagined by the people of Watford.

Die Hard in Tooting
80s action masterpiece Die Hard gets some re-booting in Tooting.

The Dark Knight in Watford
Pulp Fiction in Romford
The Matrix in Gravesend
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