Set up by Emily Hudd and Iain Wimbush in 2013, at Rumpus Media we make content that we are absolutely passionate about across a broad range of genres and broadcasters.

Our favourite things are:

  • Creating properly original content
  • Discovering and nurturing new talent
  • Producing programmes that the channels and their viewers love
  • Being proud of our programmes
  • Working with brilliant people we love


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We are proud partners of Change 100. Change 100 matches the best diverse talent with progressive employers. The award-winning programme aims to remove barriers experienced by disabled people in the workplace and to allow them to achieve their potential. Through Change 100 we have become a Level 2 disability confident employer.

Top Tens

BBC Three

Sam Simmons: Top 10 Things That Annoy Me

Sam Simmons wanders through a park describing 10 things that annoy him – from having to hug strangers, opening plastic bags and overzealous waiters. Ultimately, his main issue is with life itself.

Josie Long: Top 10 Things That May Or May Not Have Got Me Dumped

Josie Long has just been dumped, so she calls her mum to talk about it. Walking through a pretty North London suburb, Josie discusses 10 opinions she holds that may have contributed to the break up.

Lolly Adefope: Top 10 Classic Lolly Adefopes

Lolly Adefope lists her top 10 classic Lolly Adefope moments. What begins as a simple and innocent list, consisting of things like noticing her birthday on a sell by date, or not being able to sleep in a cab, then escalates into a heated discussion about race and identity with the voice over artist.

Lou Sanders: Top 10 Tips To Become A Beauty Model

Lou Sanders is a beauty model; well at least she thinks she is. In this video she delivers a high energy top 10 rundown of useful modelling tips and tricks aimed at helping you get into the industry.

Nick Helm: Top 10 Things That Depressed Me Today

Nick Helm is having a bad day. Dressed in nothing more than his underpants he wanders around his flat describing 10 things that have made him particularly depressed. We learn that his current demeanour is down to heartbreak.

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