Set up by Emily Hudd and Iain Wimbush in 2013, at Rumpus Media we make content that we are absolutely passionate about across a broad range of genres and broadcasters.

Our favourite things are:

  • Creating properly original content
  • Discovering and nurturing new talent
  • Producing programmes that the channels and their viewers love
  • Being proud of our programmes
  • Working with brilliant people we love


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We are proud partners of Change 100. Change 100 matches the best diverse talent with progressive employers. The award-winning programme aims to remove barriers experienced by disabled people in the workplace and to allow them to achieve their potential. Through Change 100 we have become a Level 2 disability confident employer.

Life Lessons


10 Ways to Become a Musical Legend
Rachel Parris attempts to transform young children who have never played instruments before into musical geniuses. What could go wrong?

Worst Things People Say to Vegans
Chris Stokes is meeting his girlfriend’s parents for dinner and is desperate to make a good first impression. But things begin to get heated as he is interrogated for his veganism.

Worst Things I’ve Bought Drunk
Elf Lyons talks directly to camera and gives us a run-down of things she’s bought when she’s had a tipple.

An Irish Immigrant’s Guide to Britain
Grainne Maguire gives an expert insight to Irish immigrants on life in the UK and how to fit in.

How Gangster is Your Gran?
From pushing product to threatening school teachers, Nathan Caton explains why his gran is the most gangster person he knows.

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